Time Worth Spending

We live in a society which prizes business, but empty time is good medicine and essential for creativity! TIME WORTH SPENDING invites people to spend their time with something seemingly unproductive or useless: creating endless, impermanent circles on the floor. It is a repetitive activity which occupies brain and body but allows the mind to wander: Active inactivity. This exercise isn’t challenging for the pure action of it, but in terms of mind-set.

The circle serves as visualisation of what happens in the inside: Allowing the brain to rest opens the system to exploiting mechanisms of nonlinearity and randomness, and amplifies the brain’s natural tendency to combine percepts and memories into new concepts. Unordered information becomes structured, great ideas buried in your unconsciousness have the chance to enter awareness.

Active inactivity is a skill to be learned. Doing nothing takes practice.
Step by step, unit by unit, circle by circle.

Tutor: Stef Bakker and Sietze Kalkwijk

Man and Well-being | Design Academy Eindhoven

in cooperation with Nora Jongen

Part of the exhibition 'Life Time - Biological Clocks of the Universe' | MU Eindhoven