Pepper + Bronze

Create a moment of Zen by letting the peppercorns fall one by one on the plate and listen to the sound of the singing bowl. Place the mortar in your hand, use the ball as pestle, grind and take your time!

PEPPER + BRONZE is a pepper grinder made of bronze, which emphasises the passing of time through usage. Due to friction – caused by the process of grinding – the bronze‘s outlook will alter with time. Dim patina transforms to shiny gold. Dark becomes light. Natural imperfections emerging within the casting process result in a tactile experience shown in the grinders surface. With usage it will turn from rough to smooth, going along with the peppers modification from rough corn to smooth grain. The objects dimensions and proportions are dictated by its material and by its purpose. The hand tells the pestles radius, the heaviness of bronze limits the mortars size by its weight.

Tutor: Andrea Trimarchi | Formafantasma

Part of the exhibition 'Man Made' at DAE

Man and Wellbeing | Design Academy Eindhoven

Bronze casting: Beeldenstorm Eindhoven