Marry a Crafts(wo)man

Baskets are the children of gods and the basis of our earth, according to the ancient Mesopotamians. One could say, that Mother Nature was the first basket maker. When looking how ivy weaves over and under, how spiders’ webs are made or weaverbirds build their nests. Certain is the fact that, basketry is in one sense the most humble of crafts, employed through the millennia to produce functional objects that feature in all aspects of the daily life of ordinary people. Yet the care and ingenuity taken in the making of traditional baskets has endowed them with an intrinsic beauty, which provides the modern artist and designer with a treasure house of inspiration.

MARRY A CRAFTS(WO)MAN is a marriage between the old and the new of basket making. A marriage between design and craftsmanship and a collaboration with basket maker Esmé Hofman. The outcome consists out of a simple handcrafted basket and a book, which researches the nature of human relations with craftsmanship, its values and future through my own experience within the field of basketry.

Tutors: Stef Bakker and Carsten Klein

Part of the exhibition 'Man Made' at DAE

Man and Wellbeing | Design Academy Eindhoven

Special thanks to 'Vlechtwerkvormgever' Esmé Hofman