Fish Jewellery

"A herring is sheer beauty when its massed shoals sparkle like silver through the ocean waves."

FISH JEWELLERY can be seen as response to a mass mortality event of herring in 2013, when about 50.000t of dead herring were washed ashore the Icelandic West fjords.
Rather than seeing the dead fish as pile of waste I see it as playground of free material, which offers permission or legitimation to experiment. The project is about seeing a disasters' potential. Through hands-on transformation eye lenses turn into pearls and fish skin into leather. An interplay of disgust and appeal, hazard and value. The outcome is from strange beauty, a poetic way of recalling the herrings' intrinsic value, from times when the fish was still called 'the silver of the sea'.

Tutor: Mike Thomson | Isabelle Makay | Danielle Arets

Minor Program: Radical Ecologies | Design Academy Eindhoven